Bali painting

The Island of BALI

The Island of Bali is considered the “Jewel of Indonesia.” Bali lies amidst thousands of islands that straddle the equator to form the Indonesian Archipelago, and is a relatively small island of approximately 5,000 square kilometers, with about three and a half million inhabitants. While Bali’s terrain is largely mountainous with volcanic activity in evidence, the coastline has strong currents and many reefs, which likely deterred unwelcome intruders in earlier times, thus helping to preserve this rich and ancient culture.

The Balinese religion is officially known as Hindu Dharma, a subtle blend of Animism, Hinduism and Buddhism. Since early times, Java has exerted considerable influence over Bali. The greatest Hindu-Javanese empire, known as the Majapahit Empire, which prospered during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, is perhaps most responsible for the cultural and religious elements in Balinese life today. With the oncoming flood of Islam, many princes, scholars, priests and artists fled to Bali and established an “exclusive” kingdom, thus developing this unique “Hindu-ized” culture where age-old traditions still pertain.

These traditions are seen in every aspect of the Balinese lifestyle, including their clothing, goods and art, all of which and more we are going to experience during our trip. Bali's highly developed culture, excellent accommodations, good food and friendly people provide for a memorable, exciting, educational, and adventurous traveling experience.  After this magical experience with us, you will never forget Bali.

Bali Map